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Services that I provide



1) Valuation of your property in the current market

2) Sourcing the best place for you in rental and buying

3) Professional advice and financial planning for your property

4) Best Price you can get for Sales OR Buying of your house!

5) Real time Data(source:SRX) of the Cost Price of the Private Property of the Seller you are purchasing from :see example below

6) Powerful negotiating skills and good eyesight on the best property in Singapore

7) Full Package on helping you throughout the entire journey of buying or selling your property including Paperwork
   -The only thing you need to do is to move in and no hassle :)

8) Additional Package on applying for bank loans and choosing the best Interior Designer for you!


Residential property has always been one of the most active activity of ERA. ERA is one of the market leaders in this field and are recognised for setting the standards in the sale, purchase and letting of high quality residential properties in Singapore. I one of the agent of ERA aim to provide you the best service as I can for your needs.



Our established professional teams provide a full range of commercial property services throughout Singapore. My team in ERA are constantly developing and refining market knowledge and analytical techniques to maximise the potential revenue for clients.


I also focus in providing sourcing for rental units for my clients. Getting the best ideal renting location at an efficient manner.

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